Hello friends, this is David from Rahm Bookbinding. 

Many of you already know that we’ve been making a lot of big changes here. After 110 years of bookbinding, and 4 generations of serving our clients, we are no longer accepting new work. While we continue to work alongside some of our longterm commercial partners to provide custom work, we are not taking on any new clients. 

This isn’t goodbye - not exactly. 

It’s a big world, and my wife Cara and I have been lucky to see some of its nooks and crannies. We’ve been privileged to have adventures all over the globe and meet lots of new people and learn lots of things. Along the way, we’ve been growing and changing, discovering new things about ourselves, and encountering big dreams. After over 10 years of working in our careers, we’re choosing some new paths. We’re expecting a baby girl this fall, and this year Cara has started her own company to live out her passion for storytelling and film. Meanwhile, I’ve earned my BA, and gotten to work in a dynamic new field (an interesting journey in it's own right, from part-time to full-time employment). 

I’ve been a bookbinder for over 10 years, and part of me will probably always be a bookbinder. I am facing this transition with so much gratitude towards our clients, our contractors, and our suppliers. I am grateful to Eileen (Rahm) Kerkoski, the third-generation owner of Rahm Bookbinding who took a chance on an awkward but eager 20 year-old and taught me everything she knew, became a dear friend, and facilitated a gracious and generous shift in ownership in 2009 as she followed her own path away from the business.  I’m grateful to friends, family and mentors who have believed in Rahm Bookbinding, and believed in me as a entrepreneur, even when I knew next to nothing. It’s been lovely and hard to own and operate my own company for 8 years, but thanks to our clients and lots of hard work, Rahm grew and thrived well into the 21st century. 

Some days you’ll still find me in the bindery, building custom creations for our commercial clients, cutting and shaping leather, embossing, and making books. But lots of the time, I won’t be in the bindery anymore. 

With gratitude and kindness,